Solar Water Heater

Domestic Water Heater

As the cost of electricity is very high , so use of solar energy for heating water is a cool solution. As Sunlight is one of the cheap source of energy, so it can be used extensively without paying bills.In Benal Sun Solar Energy we have introduced vaaccum tube technology in solar water heater for the first time. We use advanced technology and so our products are long-lasting a& can be used without much effort. In Bengal Sun Solaar energy we produce two types of water heaters --- closed loop sytem and open loop system. Can be easily installed in roof-tops, buildings, terrace etc. Soft & potable water is used in these water heaters.This water heaters can save huge amount of fuel consumption.

Solar Water Heater

Bengal Sun Solar Energy produces high quality Commercial solar water heating systems. By using the free solar energy from the sun, this systems can reduce operating costs and carbon-emission. Each solar system is designed to meet the customer’s demand. These Commercial Solar Water Heating systems are good demand in the market due to high quality and durability. These Solar water heating systems suits for commercial or industrial applications that require large quantities of hot water- as hospitals, hotels, resorts etc.

Save Energy with BSSE Efficient Solar Water Heater Systems

Did you know a solar water heater could be the single most energy saving appliance of homes & offices?

When the electricity bill knocks our door, we Indians become serious. Be it winter or summer, the bill amount is always high. In summer it is AC contributes a major role in increased electricity bills and in winter, it is the water heater.

Why are you wasting your money in heating water when you have a smart alternative in form of Solar Water Heater?

  • This is the most innovative, cost effective and efficient way to heat water to your home as well as office.
  • Save up to 80% on your water heating bills
  • Capable to reduce the greenhouse gas emission
  • Produce free hot water from the sun

BSSE Pvt. Ltd. is a leading firm in hot water heater manufacturing, supply and installation. We are determined to provide solar water heater in Kolkata, Jharkhand, Orissa, Bihar and many parts of India at the best prices. High quality collectors and tanks are used to provide durable solar water heating products.

Our Project

Under Indian Oil Corporation Limited, we have successfully installed 500 LPD Solar Water Heater at COCO Bhawanipur Haldia.

At BSSE, we design lightweight and durable water heating tubes and tanks that can run for long time. Stainless steel tanks are used to store and supply. Water heater equipments are available in different sizes to suit to your needs. We are mastered in providing hot water solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

How to Get the Right Solar Water Heater?

  • Estimate the cost and energy efficiency of a system
  • Evaluate your need to determine the correct system size
  • Space for installation
  • Climate of your city
  • Safety issues

Why BSSE Solar Hot Water Solutions?

 Highly Efficient Heating Systems

The round tube designed to track the sun to offer more solar power collection. They are highly efficient collectors and available in wide range of capacities.


We are a prominent solar energy provider. Each water heating product of us offers trouble free performance, requires lower maintenance.

Withstand Weather

Our mounting frames are resistant to all types of worst weathers including storm and cyclone winds.

Superior Cold Weather Performance

The water heater performs superior in cold climates when you need it most.

Used Under Varying Water Quality Conditions

Including soft water, high purity water, hard water, coolant etc…

Qualified Contractors

We have qualified solar thermal system contractors to install the system who carefully examine safety and solar resource.

Attractive Prices

All our solar water heating products are available at attractive prices…