Solar Street Light

Led Street Light

LED street lights are replacing older forms of lighting. This new form of lighting does not emit any kind of glare. This makes it far safer for drivers on highways and deserted areas, especially during adverse weather conditions. The radiators used in LED street lights are made of billeted aluminum. This reduces heat dissipation. LED street lights have a photometric design. Light is focused as a rectangular beam which highly reduces glare and a waste of power. Elderly people were also at risk, especially when the weather turned harsh.

A lack of uniformity in light distribution can result in numerous problems in semi-rural areas. Cattle, deer and other wild or domesticated animals could be using a road, thus leading to the loss of both animal and human life. This type of lights are pollution-free and are in high demand .Bengal Sun Solar Energy is the leading supplier of the best quality Led Street Light.

    Benefits of LED Solar Lights
  • LED street lighting is RoHS compliant. Lead, mercury or cadmium is not used in their manufacture in any form.
  • LED street lights do not use high voltage.
  • No power cuts.
  • Bright Light
  • Maintaince cost is low

Solar Garden Light

In Bengal Sun Solar Energy we use advanced technology for solar lightning to look them more attractive, shining more brightly. The Solar garden lights manufactured by us are of high efficiency, energy saving and environment friendly. The advantage of using solar garden lights is they require no wiring as long as they are in garden under sunlight. These lights are extensively used to give a awesome decoration to parks, front yard, garden roadside and other outdoor places.


  • Can be used without electricity.
  • These lights have high illumination and are easily affordable.
  • Our solar-garden lights can be used extensively for 2 days in a non-shine days.
  • 4. Main feature is that it switches automatically at dawn and switches off at dawn.

Durable & Long Time Support Solar Street Lighting Systems

Bengal Sun Solar Energy (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a well-renowned solar street lights manufacturers. We have a large collection of stand-alone solar systems equipped with a pole, photovoltaic module, rechargeable battery, and controller and lighting fixture. These solar street lights are environmental friendly and economical options to light up highways, streets, yards, parks, compounds, parking areas, bus stands, railway stations, airports and any public area.

Our Solar Street Lighting System Key Features

Being a leading solar street light supplier, we take care of quality. Each system of us has:

  • Excellent Brightness
  • Non -flammable
  • High illumination

Automatic rechargeable: During the daytime, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity which is then stored in the rechargeable battery. We provide solar panels of higher conversion rate. They are varies from wattage systems to fit to your needs best.

Easy to setup: Each street lighting system is easy to setup. A strong pole integrated with the PV panels and all electronic items is provided. Therefore, it is easy to setup and provides wind and weather resistant.

Superb light: The LED light construction provides sea front-resistant to offer bright light in all types of weather.

Modern technology: Our solar street light is well-equipped with the facility of automatic switch on and off by sensing outdoor light.

Lower maintenance: Due to high quality weather resistant feature, you will find maintenance of these street lights easy. They need lower maintenance.

Strong backup: Your street will get light for whole night if the battery is properly charged. Long light support is primarily depended on the geographical location and weather condition. During cloudy or rainy days, solar panels don't get proper sunlight, it reduces the lighting hours.

Affordable: We are one of the most reputed solar LED light manufacturers in Kolkata, promise to offer affordable solar street lights. Book your street light today.

We are capable to provide street light equipment in bulk at attractive prices.