On Grid Solar Power Plant

On Grid Power Plant Project

Solar Energy can be used in a varied applications. It can be utilized in both grid –interactive and off Grid power generation .Bengal Sun Solar Energy offers high quality solar shingles based on the mechanism of On GRID SOLAR power plant. We use the photovoltaic panel to convert the sun’s energy into electricity to meet the necessary requirement needed in remote areas to develop the standard of living.

  • Eco-friendly.
  • Can be easily installed in roof-tops, commercial buildings etc.
  • Hybrid system for uninterrupted power supply.
  • Can save the heavy amount of electricity.
  • GPRS system for trouble frees operating.
  • Silent, non-polluting & renewable.
  • Provides fully automatic uninterrupted power output & full protection from short term power cuts.
  • The system minimizes the capacity requirement of PV array.
  • Modular design from 1 KW to 1000 KW.

Find Quality Assistance for On-Grid Solar Power Plant Setup

BSSE Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in not only off-grid but also on-grid solar power plant setup. Be it a home, office, manufacturing unit, school, college, institute and government office, all of you can feel free to contact us at info@bsse.in for on grid solar power installation at the best prices.

BSSE is a channel partner of MNRE. We are ISO Certified firm. We have been worked for multiple reputed organizations for their GREEN INDIA Plan by setting up different Kw solar panels...

Our Mission

BSSE is spanning its business to all parts of India. We are pledged to lighten up each corner of India with solar energy. Why waste the power of sun when it can lighten up your home even after sunset. On-Grid solar power plant setup is one of our supreme services and is an integral part of the mission.

Our Team

BSSE has a team of experts who is capable to install on-grid solar system systematically. We are mastered in supplying, installing and testing of solar panels. Our team take each project sincerely, be it big or small.

What is On-Grid?

On-Grid is also known as Grid-tied system. It is one of the most common types of solar PV systems. They are connected to electrical grid and allow a building to use not only solar energy but also electricity from the grid. Power is distributed because when there is no demand for electricity, the solar panels automatically send excess electricity to the grid. In the season of winter or storm when solar panels don’t produce enough power, electricity from the grid replaces electricity from the panels.

How Do We Help You?

  • BSSE Pvt. Ltd. stocks all the components for grid tie solar panels and offers them at rock-bottom prices

  • Our team of experts is capable to design and assemble varying sizes of on-grid systems with appropriate inverters and panels

  • Offer electrical safety gears like breakers and fuses

  • Provide monitoring system to monitor energy production (in your order only)

  • Finish work at minimum time or your given deadline

  • Long life support

  • Maintain optimum quality service

  • Assure genuine spares

  • Lower maintenance, higher efficiency

  • Eco friendly way to generate power

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