Off Grid Solar Power Plant

Off Grid Power Plant Project

There are some areas where electric supply is very costly to utilize, so in that case they utilize power from various sources such as the renewable source of energy (solar energy).This is known as Off-Grid Solar Energy. This is known as Off- Grid electricity

WE are a leading manufacturer of Off Grid power plant that are very energy consuming and are and very user-friendly to use in everyday life. We manufacture a wide range of solar energy products to meet the commercial as well as domestic need of clients. Our solar power plants are cost-effective for its easy operation and high-efficiency.

Bengal Solar power plant consumes electricity from the sunlight and stores the same in a free battery packs. Other products manufactured by us are solar invertors, charge controller, mounting hardware and interconnecting cables.

  • Battery charging with suitable overcharging temperature compensation protection.
  • No overhead wires required.
  • Savings in Electricity bills
  • Can be used in varied application as : Lightning Communication, Cooking, Heating Pumping, Small scale industries.
  • No fuel cost (sun light is the fuel)
  • Savings in Electricity bills

Find Exceptional Solar Off-Grid Power Plant Services


Show your active participation in “Save Environment Save Life” campaign with Solar Off Grid Power Plant services offered by BSSE India PVT. LTD. We are an MNRE registered firm, ambitious to participate in Indian Govt. minimum 10000 MW solar power implementation project in India by 2021-22.

We have dealt with many on-grid and off-grid projects. Our priceless service has given relief to multiple organizations from unscheduled power cuts… Now, it’s your time to get our superior off grid solar power services.

Projects BSSE Worked for—


  • Under the BHEL observation & remuneration, BSSE successfully installed one no of 3 Kwp off-grid solar PV system at Manigram High School Sagardighi (2015 project)

  • For P. B. Nirman Udyog Pvt. Ltd. (BOP)- Installation of 3nos of 5 Kw off-grid solar PV system at Natunbasti, Tripura (2015 project)

What is Solar Off-Grid System?

The concept of solar energy is not new to India but it is really important to know the development going on the sphere. Off-grid solar power plant is one of the biggest developments in solar energy. It is green and economical way to generate power. It is a versatile energy product that gives complete energy independence. The customer finds access to power all the time and doesn’t suffer from scheduled or unscheduled power cuts. You can live in peace because there is no noisy generator to disturb you. The quality of power is satisfactory. There are variations in the solar power, primarily depended on your needs and budget. It is also depended on solar electric panels and batteries to store electricity.

Who can Get Solar Off-Grid Power Services?

  • MNCs

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Offices

  • Construction companies

  • Workshops

  • Educational institutes

  • Hospitals

  • & Individuals can happily think of off-grid power installation

Did You Know?

    • 1 KWp off-grid solar power plant can able generate around 5 units during sunny days

    • Installation space required for 1 KWp power generator solar system is around 150 sq.ft

    • 100 KWp off-grid solar plant is capable to reduce CO2 emission by 250 tons per year


How to Decide the Size of Your Off-Grid System?

It is basically depended on:

The electricity you might use in a month (look at your past bills and find the month with the highest usage, the bill shows you the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) utilized the month.

The percentage of power you want to generate (if it is a remote area with no power, it is obvious that 100% power development is required)

Calculate sun hours you receive per day (depend on season to season)

Salient Features of Our Off-Grid Solar Power Plant Services

  • Customized service as per your power requirement

  • Lower maintenance

  • Time to time service at your request

  • Smart electronic power management tools that offer to use energy as per requirements

  • Highly efficient inverters, capable to supply electric power directly in day time

  • Longer power backup support

  • Long life tubular dip discharge batteries

  • Adjustable mounting frames to give additional power output (around 6%)

  • Highly quality solar power components

To learn more about off-grid solar power services, contact us at or call us at 1800 1200 929