Grid Interactive Solar Plant System

Empower Your House or Office with Grid Interactive Solar Systems

"A wonderful utility for generating more power supply in lower maintenance"

Apart from Grid-off and Grid-on services, BSSE is specialized in Grid Interactive Solar System manufacturing, supply and installation...

In the last recent years, India has faced many unwelcomed environmental changes that clearly indicate to step towards greenery before it’s too late. Solar power is a smart alternative of generating electricity without harming nature. The technology has already been adopted by China, UK, Australia and many other countries. Now, it’s time to India to "Go Green with Solar".

BSSE is endeavoured to provide the best solar power system to India. Grid connected solar PV System is one of our prime services which is a renewable energy system empowered you to embrace modern solar technology without risking the outages that sometimes accompany with off-grid energy system. Unlike grid-on system which needs to disconnect if the grid goes down, grid-interactive is capable to continuously generate power from PV modules.

What is a Grid Interactive System?

It is based on their grid-tied and off-grid counterparts. Solar PV modules get power from sunlight. The DC output from PV is converted into AC by the inverter connected to the system to supply electricity to appliances. Highly efficient inverters are used to collect more energy from the sun and work to provide optimum voltage. PV modules are specified by their watt-peak (Wp) rating. The voltage produced by PV is primarily depended on the number of cells and the semiconductor materials. Therefore, you can able to customize the installation of gird-interactive as per the power you utilize in a month.

What are Benefits of Grid-Interactive Power Systems?

  • Keep your area lighten up all through the day
  • Provide clean power for homes, businesses and communities
  • Play an important role in cutting green power emissions
  • Risk free compared to off-grid solar systems
  • In the absence of solar energy or wind power, Grid-interactive gives the option of switching to the electric utility grid
  • Save money by providing reliable power at lower costs
  • Give assurance of sustainable energy in future


  • We ensure to provide the best quality grid-interactive equipment, resistant to climate (water proofing PV)
  • Ready to install the system after analyzing the climate and resources
  • Provide off-grid interactive systems at minimum costs which may varies according to your needs (from 500 kWp utility to a 1 kWp domestic system are installed successfully by us)