Top Reasons to Choose Solar Street Lights in India

Have you ever imagined Indian roads with street lights that continuously working all through the night? There are no wires that connect these street lights to get power and nothing stops them to supply electricity, whether it’s windy or raining. Each street light is generating electricity on its own. It is not something that seems […]

How Can a Solar Water Heater System Help You Save Electricity?

Solar is a renewable energy and is quite well known in all parts of the world nowadays. By way of government support, marketing as well as subsidies the solar products that the quite popular in India. The greater numbers of people wants to adopt these types of renewable energies and technologies but are not that […]

Purchasing Guide for Solar PV Systems

PV systems that get solar energy to convert into electricity are one of the most revolutionary developments in the world. It is known that electricity is becoming expensive with each passing day. Solar is the best way to get electricity free. It is the way to get rid of power cuts. It is smart to […]

3 Compelling Reasons to Choose Solar Energy in Bihar

Solar energy has given a new hope to the world to find electricity without influencing nature. Today, the nations like Australia, China and US have adopted solar energy to a large extent. In India, it has started in form solar lamps, solar fans and multiple solar related products. Bihar, a progressive region in India has […]

A Short Account on Solar Street Lights

The evolution of solar system is itself a big achievement for mankind. It has given the world a scope to use the sun energy and develop a remarkable eco-friendly way to generate power. Solar lamps and torch are common solar equipments. Solar street lights have come up as a remarkable alternative to the street lights […]

Why Solar power for Homes?

Solar energy is the energy that you can utilize to get electricity. It is an ideal solution for homes because here the power of consumption is lesser than industries. When a home starts using solar energy to provide power to electrical appliances it gives home owners a piece of mind and saving. This article discusses […]

5 Reasons to Replace Electric Street Lights to Solar Street Lights

Advancement in the technology needs people to walk with the current trends. Solar energy is one of the best examples of advance technology. It has changed the mindset of people to an extent. Many countries have stepped forward to adopt solar energy and they have started with solar lanterns and solar street lights. This article […]

Top Questions to Ask Before Setting Up Solar Power for Homes

When it comes to smart alternative to get affordable electricity, it is solar power comes first on mind. Today, the energy has created a new revolution in the world to get electricity all day long without paying. Almost all parts of the world have been benefited with solar energy. If your plan is to set […]

Solar Power Plant Setup to Generate Free Electricity

America has proposed to set up world’s largest solar plant that would generate electricity for 24 hours a day and power 1 million US homes. This is a revolutionary step to adopt solar energy. Like America, many countries have found solar based power generation more profitable than the conventional based power generating sources. It is […]

Solar Street Lights for Every Village in India

Say bye-bye to dark nights at villages of India. Solar street lights from www.bsse.in/products/solar-led-street-lights offer to lighten up every corner of a village. The utility is independent because the light you get from solar street lights is generated from sun. Advantages No electric wires thus minimizes accidents happened due to repairing of street lights Uninterrupted lightening […]