I think everyone has a unanimous opinion about solar energy: that it is clean and green. It comes from a source which will probably never run out, the Sun. Not only is it inexhaustible, the source is also extremely powerful. When used smartly, we can reap great benefits from solar energy. One of these smart uses is the solar fuels. Solar fuels are likely to gain popularity very soon. Let us take a look at solar fuels in this article from Bengal Sun Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.

It all finally boils down to one question: what are solar fuels? Solar fuels are chemical fuels produced using the energy of the sun. Solar energy can be used to drive chemical reactions, the end product of which is fuels. Solar energy can be used to split water to give rise to hydrogen, which happens to be a renewable source of energy. Sunlight can also be used to turn carbon dioxide into a fuel. Currently, some of the brightest researchers from California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (Berkeley) are working together to come up with a healthier alternative for petrol.

The process of synthesis of solar fuels depends on the principle of artificial photosynthesis. The light energy is transported and is used to split charges. The charges are then transferred to catalytic sites to perform fuel forming reactions. Needless to say, these processes are far more complex than that. We, at Bengal Sun Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. hope that solar fuel becomes a reality in the near future.

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