Solar energy has proved to be quite a blessing for us. It has helped us in doing away with conventional energy sources. Solar energy is inexhaustible and is available in large quantities and high intensities. It does not add to the already polluted environment. Solar energy has been used a number of times to come up with things that are usually run on electricity. Not only did these appliances run smoothly, they were efficient enough and helped in saving lots of money. Solar cookers and solar chargers are two of the most common appliances which are run on solar power. Let us take a look at solar speakers in this blog from Bengal Sun Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.

As one can probably guess, a solar powered speaker is already set to be a hit among the young generation. It is definitely a true gift for a generation which loves to party. Solar speakers are great for outdoor usage. Not only is the quality of the music marvelous, but the solar powered speakers can also charge themselves directly from the energy of the sun. Moreover, the universal serial bus ports (USB ports) of these chargers can be used as a phone charger, too.

Here are some popular solar powered speakers available in the market.

  • THE MICROSOLAR B2 SPEAKER: This speaker may be used to play songs via Bluetooth. It can be connected to all Android and iOS speakers. With full charge, it can operate for 8 hours in full volume. It gets its charge from solar energy. In case that is not available, there is also a USB port which can be used for the same purpose.
  • THE ETON RUCKUS SOLAR OUTDOOR SPEAKER: This speaker comes with a pretty big solar panel and can easily be used for charging some small devices. This has easy and convenient one-touch connectivity, as well. They are compact and easy to carry. They offer crystal-clear sound and can run for long periods of time.
  • HONEYWELL WIRELESS OUTDOOR SOLAR SPEAKER: This speaker has an added bonus. It is water resistant. It can be charged with an AC adapter when solar energy is not available. Like the two other speakers, it can be connected to all Android and iOS devices. With a single transmitter, we can listen to same music at different locations.

Thus, these solar speakers not only prevents our environment from getting more polluted but also have different varieties to choose from. Bengal Sun Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. just gives an idea about them.

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