For centuries, human beings have relied on the sun to learn the time. By looking at the sunrise and the sunset, they made sense of the social construct of time. I think we all agree that time is indeed a concept that we human beings have helped to materialize. We can safely say that the sun has helped in this endeavour. Today, with the advent of solar energy into useable energy, this fact has come around again. Watches which run on electronic batteries have been the reality for the longest time. But, now, we can also get to know the time from the energy of the sun. How, you ask? Let us take a look at solar powered watches in this blog from Bengal Sun Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Basically, as the name suggests, solar watches are those which run on the energy derived from the sun. Usually, solar energy is absorbed by the solar panel which is positioned behind the crystal. They usually place the dial directly on the solar panel or on a layer above it. This solar energy is further converted to electrical energy which finally powers the watch. Some excess energy is stored in rechargeable batteries which is used when sunlight is not adequate (during nights) and when the watch is covered by the wearer’s clothes. The brand ‘Citizen’ uses Lithium-ion batteries, which stores sufficient energy to power the watch for a very long period of time without being subjected to the source of light. This happens in the power saving or hibernation mode. The seconds hand stops moving until the watch is subjected to light again. Now, this power saving mode is available only in the more expensive variants of the watches. The others, which are priced economically, can retain their charge for about six month if not more. These economical and easy to afford watches are uncomplicated analog watches.

Unlike other solar appliances, a solar watch has now become a very popular solar appliance. It is inexpensive and falls among the devices which are indispensable. We, at Bengal Sun Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd, hope that other solar devices become as popular as the solar watch.

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