Solar Energy has taken the market by storm. The way clean and green energy has ventured in the market has been fantastic. The response has been quite amazing, too. The consumers took no time in recognizing the good over the bad and here we are today. We have finally recognized the right sources of energy to make proper use of. Solar energy is available in abundance and can be used without any chances of harming the environment. Today, we can run appliances with solar energy. A solar backpack is one such appliance which uses solar energy for functioning. Let us take a look at solar backpacks in this blog from Bengal Sun Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.

So, what is a solar backpack exactly? A solar backpack is just like any other normal backpack, except that it is equipped with thin film solar cells and batteries. The solar panels convert solar energy to electrical energy. This converted electrical energy is stored in batteries and is later used to power portable devices. A solar backpack contains a mono crystalline solar panel, battery, charge controller, plugs, cords and light bulbs. Of course, a solar backpack eliminated the need of carrying conventional chargers (which, in turn, need power sockets). Power sockets are difficult to be found in certain situations and a solar backpack solves the problem. A solar backpack can provide power up to 120 W per hour. It is capable of powering electronic equipment rated up to 300 W.

Solar backpacks are lightweight. Thus, they can be carried easily. Not only are the solar backpacks lightweight and flexible, but they are also waterproof. As a result, one does not need to worry about rough weather conditions. It proves that solar backpacks are extremely user friendly. Solar backpacks can be used to power up laptops for about 3 hours. Since solar backpacks provide energy for a long period of time without requiring any extra charging, they are often used for on-field military operations.

Although appliances like the solar backpack are quite efficient, they can also turn out to be pretty expensive. That being said, I think we can agree on the fact that the cost is justified. Appliances like these are helping us stop the damage that we have already caused, in its tracks. We, at Bengal Sun Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd., hope that appliances like these will become very common in the future.

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